Distorted Truth II

In my last blog, I argued the case that it is imperative for the world to not solely focus on the situation in Gaza, since ISIS poses a much more sinister threat. One of my school peers messaged me last week to say that ISIS was a newer concept and that the reason he had researched more deeper into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was because it ‘was a conflict extending back over 60 years’. If he had done his research meticulously, he would have realised that ISIS is not a fresh concept; nor has its barbarity appeared out of nowhere. The media may lead many people to question exactly where ISIS have emerged from ‘in such a short space of time’ but within the Middle East’s 21st Century exists the 7th Century one. The beheading, raping and plundering of the Iraqi and Syrian Shia, Kurds, Yazidis, Christians and many other non-Sunni groups, exactly emulates the example of the Prophet Muhammad.

My first political recollection was the US and UK’s joint effort to invade Iraq. They were always bound to fail, setting off for Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction: of course none were to be found. For the very WMDs they were apparently in search for will never be seen in chemical apparatus but in the Arabic scriptures, Hadiths, Suras and verses in the Qur’an. Some verses containing deadly material especially against the non-believer and the infidel. Scripture that networks such as ISIS and other fanatic Sunni groups wholly adhere to today.

Whilst much of the world has been distracted by the shouts and screams to boycott Israel, they have ignored the shouts and screams of those Yazidis, Shias, Kurds and Christians – butchered to death in their droves. To the point that the initial UN recording of 5,500 civilian deaths have now been far surpassed, with hundreds of thousands being injured and villages, towns and cities deserted as its inhabitants flee; becoming displaced and accumulating a refugee status in their own land and beyond.

Whilst anti-Israel demonstrations still continue, with Tesco supermarkets being trashed across the UK – held in contempt for selling Israeli produce – an estimated 3,000 European youths of Muslim descent (male and female) have joined the ISIS ranks in Syria and Iraq. In the UK alone, an estimated 2,000 are participating in the Jihadist fight. And those of them that survive will return to British shores -freshly radicalised no doubt- having partook in the beheading of infidels and now prepared to fight Jihad on the streets of Britain and beyond. Many of us have seen the abhorrent picture of that 7 year old Australian boy, holding up the decapitated head of a Syrian soldier. Think about this more deeply. Wasn’t that child sharing an Australian classroom two months ago with Jews, Christians and other non-Sunnis and won’t he be sat there come September? How then is this crisis confined solely to the Middle East?

As someone who understands the essence of persecution and the violent aspects to Islam, the actions of ISIS does not surprise me. So long as this ideology goes unchallenged and unquestioned and so long as moderate Islamists continue to allow this mentality to infiltrate their communities, the influence of Jihadism will prevail to their dying day. Indeed, Muhammad himself instructed his followers to fight those who do not accept the message of Allah and His Prophet until the End of Time.

Many blogs and articles on ISIS focus on the sheer barbarity of their actions but I am more perturbed by the international community’s playing down of the ammunition behind the ISIS fire.

That ammunition is Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and its Sunni-sect of Wahhabism, a puritanical and intolerant version of Islam that condemns Shias and other Islamic-sects as non-Muslim apostates and polytheists. The Saudi belief that they hold a monopoly of Islamic truths leaves them infatuated with any militancy that successfully attacks ‘Shia-dom’. In actual fact, the ex-Saudi ambassador and ex-head of Saudi intelligence Prince Bandar bin Sultan once conveyed to the head of M16 that: ”the time is not far in the Middle East when it will literally be ‘God help the Shia’. More than a billion Sunnis have simply had enough of them.”

This prediction of intolerance has never been so openly true than now, nor should it come as a surprise. But our eyes must be trained on the Saudis and other Gulf States such as Qatar, whose substantial cash flow has contributed heavily to this Sunni-Shia conflict across the world. Money which funds anti-Shia jihad globally. Money which enables the killing and dumping of bodies in mass graves of thousands upon thousands of Shia women and children. And if Shia Muslims are regarded as infidels, what hope is there for the Christians and other minorities, who are experiencing an annihilation of their Churches, beheadings of their children and the raping, kidnapping and selling of their women, as prostitutes and sex slaves? All in a land they no longer can call home.

ISIS’s luck may well run out and they may be forced to retreat, but its ideology is undying: an ideology hell-bent on creating an empire based on Puritannical Islam. An ideology that has a wealth of marketing appeal to potentially hundreds of thousands of young Muslim Jihadis – hungry for infidel blood and gore.

Jihadis that will return to our shores. Jihadism that will influence plenty of inhabitants we live amongst.

Which is exactly what Western governments will not tell us. Any attack on the West in the name of Islam is regarded as terrorism. Politically correctness is not my forte. It is Puritism. Pure, unadulterated Islam – born out of a harsh, arid and desert environment and that is somewhat contained in Western society under our principles and rule of law. This Saudi factor will always remain hidden, so long as oil is afforded to us from that region of the world. As long as oil deals remain intact, the connection between Saudi Wahhabism and Sunni Jihadism – whether espoused from Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda or ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will remain largely unsurfaced. Do not get the facts distorted: 15 of the 19 9/11 Hijackers were Saudis, in conjunction with Bin Laden and most of the private donors who funded such a heinous crime.

So yes, ‘God help the Shias’ but God help the governments of America, Britain and parts of Europe, whose alliance with Saudi Arabia will see them pay the ultimate price for this Islamic invasion. The very money being pumped into this mass genocide in the Middle East is being pumped into many Mosques, Islamic centres, Islamic banks and universities in the UK alone and the same is probably true of the US. It is said that ‘money can buy anything’ and no other country is more aware of this than Saudi Arabia, who utilises its monopoly on oil to buy up many vaccuums in our religiously-indifferent country. It is no secret that many Muslims wish to see the UK as the first Islamic European state and this has been said to my face on numerous occasions. Unlike much of Great Britain, I will not be surprised should this ever happen. That change in course will be almost irrevocable, if not entirely.

It will not be the Shias God will need to help then. And my prayers for the West to wake up have long started.

I can never understand why we accept their money when the donors themselves favour Sunni Jihadism over democracy. Corrupt money that finances brutal intolerance against anyone that does not fall under the banner of their Islam. To look for the root cause of ISIS in the Middle East is fruitless and misses the point. This level of barbarism, aggression and hostility exists globally. As long as a Qu’ran is found in one’s state, containing verses that instruct and condone the very actions of ISIS – there will exist, in every Muslim community, a few or many committed Jihadists waiting for the opportunity to wage this righteous war.

ISIS has always been and always will be.


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