Rotherham: Case Closed?

Before you accuse me of being racist, put this into context: 1400 people have been reported to have suffered from sexual exploitation and abuse in the city of Rotherham alone. Most of these victims were white females. Most of the culprits were Pakistani males. So who’s being racist? Plus, calling me racist for simply pointing out self-evidenced truths shouldn’t get you very far. I am Pakistani, I know these people culturally and religiously well. I also don’t stand for political correctness per se, let alone at the expense of thousands of young, damaged lives all across this country.

Last week’s Rotherham ‘scandal’ has once again propelled the issue of sexual abuse into the spotlight, a case that is otherwise closed off to the public. This culture of ‘grooming gangs’ for the purpose of sexual exploitation is not a 2014 phenomenon. Since 1988 British gangs have operated with impunity, especially targeting those lives least protected – children homes, project houses and homes under the care of local authority. Such vulnerable young girls, often from turbulent backgrounds and some of which have been reported to be as young as 11, are easy prey for these subliminal predators. These grooming gangs operate systematically – whether they are taxi-drivers, fast-food shop workers/owners or security guards and each group of groomers have a high tendency to be inter-linked. One phone call from a security-guard who spots easy meat at a shopping centre and charms her into paying her ‘taxi’-fare home can be all it takes. And yet who knows the countless other tactics deployed in entrapping girls into this inescapable and perverse way of life.
Such a cold and calculated criminality invalidates Jack Straw’s 2011 comment on this issue, where he claimed that the perpetrators ‘were like any other young men, fizzling and popping with testosterone’.

These exploiters are not like ‘any young men’ for they’re not naive and unaware of the consequences of their actions, or the permanent trauma they imprint upon every young girl they actively seek out. They don’t happen to bump into these girls and end up passing her from brother, to cousin, to friend, to stranger at a hundred pounds, more or less a go. This is an actual business strategy. A closer inspection of these men actually reveal enough of them to be older than the age of ‘fizzing testosterone’, even ranging from their 30s-50s. Many of which are already in relationships and married with families of their own. Straw’s obscene comment is all the more infuriating, as he represents many MPs and local Councillors who stand for constituencies that are plagued with sexual grooming. All the more infuriating because hardly any MP/Councillor the public consciously elect on the basis on trust, do actually represent the issues of their constituency, the good, bad and ugly.This should include raising the banner against gangs grooming girls for sex.

Especially infuriating because nobody is talking about the Muslim factor.

Whenever the sex offender is of Asian descent, the media has always been quick to quote and depict the sexual abuse as an ‘Asian issue’, whilst stammering and blushing at their audacity to make such a ‘racist’ statement. As though they were making a bold statement. But, nothing is bolder than the truth and the truth of the matter is that those ‘Asian’ groomers are in fact overwhelmingly of Pakistani descent. And not from Hindu, Sikh or Christian backgrounds, but mainly Muslim. Of course not all Pakistani Muslims but enough for this to be a real, live threat.

In 2003, the Keighley MP Anne Cryer blamed the ‘Asian/village culture’ as the rationale behind this issue of sex-grooming, active in Keighley and beyond. Her logic behind this behaviour was that since Asian men were expected to marry girls from their village as soon as the females entered puberty, this drove them to their grooming activities. What Anne should have blamed is the ‘culture of Islamism’ that has a deep-rooted history in abuse and mistreatment of women as it regards them inferior to men – hardly a picture of equality. The race of these perpetrators is deliberately skewed in order to distract from the race of their victims. White non-Muslims targeted by Pakistani Muslims.

But we must also be aware that this carefully-constructed language concerning what is essentially rape is a long way from abandoning its rosey language. These predatory gangs have been active in the UK for 25 years now, yet only in the last 10 years have we dared to address it. And this is what bothers me the most: the notion that the authorities and leaders of this country ‘dare’ to speak about this problem. They’re not being daring because they don’t speak out against it. Instead, the plying of drugs and alcohol to these girls, the open gang-rapes in parks, playgrounds, cars and alley-ways, the threats of death, intimidation and ostracisation, the physical, mental and emotional abuse hurled at the victims and their families not only see these young girls paralysed with fear, but the police and local authorities themselves.

In Rotherham alone, 30% of the 1400 were said to already be known to social services, yet only 157 reports on child abuse were made to police in 2013, 9 of which were prosecuted. Sexual exploitation is not confined to Rotherham alone: Bradford 1995, Rotherham 1996, Derby 2001, Bradford/Keighley 2003, Luton 2005, Petersborough 2014. In all honesty, every case of sexual grooming doesn’t get reported, not every report gets filed. In both cases the details and findings of these crimes barely make it into the public domain.

So who knows how many young lives have been destroyed, for months to years on end, across every city in the country? Thousands more than the ‘reported’ figure. One key theme pulsating throughout this issue is that of fear. Fear drilled into the abused, fear to report their ordeal to the authorities, fear of the authorities in filing and investigating further. Fear of being labelled ‘racist’ and ‘Islamaphobic’, fear of losing high-paid salaries and high-ranking careers if the correlation between Muslim men and White girl grooming ever broke out into the public scene.

Disgusted does not come close to how I feel when reading about lack of help and guidance afforded to these girls, when they do finally pluck up the courage to break their silence of their suffering. How can the years of forced rape, prostituting, drugging and boozing up of these people not be taken seriously? Having been passed around from man to man, city to city, whilst the only thing changing is their blossoming age. All the more reason to keep them further entrenched in their entrapment. It sickens me to know that those in power would prioritise the retaining of their titles and uniforms over broken after broken girl, in tears and blurting out the same story of sexual exploitation. My heart bleeds for them and their wasted lives- years of being reduced into a mere tool for sex and money. In many cases, social services and the police are the last resort for these girls as many lose their families in turning against them, their minds poisoned by the false promises and hope of marrying their exotic ‘boyfriends’. The fact that these girls get turned away by the very establishment designed to enforce the law and protect those at risk is utterly unforgivable.

The collective failures of the police, social services, local council and elected politicians is entirely shameful and all need to own up to this categorical failure. Fast. For this parasite that feasts upon too many lives in every city will not go away, simply because political correctness can’t shake its fear when dealing with many Muslims. To his credit, outspoken Muslim leader Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadhan Foundation spoke out against the Pakistani community when he said:

some of these young men do not see White girls as equal, as valuable, of high moral standing as they see their own daughters and sisters…it’s a form of racism that’s abhorrent in a civilised society. By targeting White girls there would be no fall-back in the community‘.

Grooming gangs have run rampant in the Pakistani community for over two decades, yet there is no indication that in 2014, Muslims at large are actively and sincerely addressing and condemning this crime. Those that do speak out face abuse and death threats and this paralysis of fear also keeps many more Pakistani Muslims from publicly owning up to this problem. Although not on the scale of White girls, Sikh, Hindu and Pakistani girls are subjected to sexual abuse – however the culture of shame which governs their communities see to it that this never gets reported. Many of those who wish to publically denounce their suffering risk disownment, abuse and in extreme cases, ultimately death.

I don’t blame those girls who don’t speak up about their ordeal. I don’t judge those girls who fall prey to the ‘thrill’ of captivating the attention of a Pakistani man, who initially pamper and shower them with ‘love’. These girls are ignorant, unaware of what is to come. Those men are not and do. I blame our politicians, police-force and the politically correct atmosphere which sets the stage for this all to exist and on a mass proliferation. By depicting too many of these Muslims as the victims and not aggressors in the case of sexual exploitation and grooming gangs, we make it impossibly hard for any victim to come forward and give an alternate story and for their listeners to accept it as true.
Cameron appeared to believe that Multi-culturalism had paved the way for ‘Islamic extremism’. In a speech made in 2013 he stated:

‘Under the doctrine of state Multi-culturalism, we’ve encouraged different cultures to lead separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. We’ve failed to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong. We’ve even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run counter to out values. This all leaves some young Muslims feeling rootless. And the search for something to belong to and something to believe in can lead them to this extremist ideology

This speech can applied to many problems found in the Muslim community and can be applied to sexual exploitation. Cameron has tacitly pardoned and allowed and openly pardoned such an inhumane behaviour by blaming the lack of belonging as the root of many ‘Muslim problems’. These men know what they believe in and who they belong to – they don’t believe in the equality and respect of females, particularly when these are non-Muslims and they belong firmly in any community ideologically attuned to their beliefs, before belonging to the wider United Kingdom. Cameron blames the abstract concept of Multi-culturalism in order to escape the truth , even resorting to attacking the very principles of the country – the very liberal nature that these men benefit from. If anything, he should critise the liberal and lax authoritaive atmosphere that facilitates rapist and predatory sexual activity.

Angela Merkel was right to announce in 2010 that Multi-culturalism is dead, although it died off long before then. Multi-culturalism, as evidenced by this crime alone, is the most disillusioned and skewed concept to ever label this nation. Multi-culturalism hurts. It has allowed these animalistic and subliminal men to ruin young lives in a absolutely uncomprehensible way, whilst allowing most perpetrators to continue to do so. Multi-culturalism sees so-called authority pander to these criminals and distort reality in an effort to not offend or infuriate much of the Muslim community. All in all Multi-culturalism has refused to be sensitive of the horrific and traumatic experiences of many girls, but show sensitivity to the aggressor.

Multi-culturalism has long become an out-dated concept, a pernicious smoke-screen for immoral and illicit activities.

In the name of every abused person in this country and beyond, why do we have their cases shut down before given the chance for it to be opened? In the name of decency and honesty -putting aside polluted political correctness – we owe it to those young lives to re-open their cases and be prepared and equipped for many, many more.

For this case is far from closed….


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