The Islamophobia Phenomenon is an Invalidated Irrelavancy

They say that in order to be an Islamophobe one must have a hatred or fear of Islam, particularly of its political culture. Political correctness emphasises the hate factor. However, as Islam continues to make headlines for its brutality and violence against others worldwide, the concept of Islamophobia fails to remain true to its definition.
Instead, for too long has it become a tool to strike fear and silence the mouths of anyone wanting to query Islam, debate or critique it. Globally, the political scene has cultivated and converted the definition of Islamophobia into an irrational hatred of Muslims. Islamophobes are people that supposedly blame and taint an entire religion for the actions of a few Muslims. To the point where any crime committed by Muslims can never be called an Islamic issue. Including violence waged against the non-believers. Including mistreatment of females. Such pandemic problems are but a few examples. My question is this: how do these crimes not pertain or represent aspects of Islam when instructions to mistreat women and wage holy war against the Infidel are sanctioned in the Qu’ran? Especially when there are 109 verses that call for violence?
Islamophobia is used to disallow any criticism, any progressive thinking into modernising and humanising Islam – which is irrational in itself. So-called Islamophobes are not irrational in condemning certain Islamic acts they have the right to be concerned about. Instead those who propagate the term are.
Is it not irrational to take a cartoon depiction of the Prophet Muhammad and stage violent protests all over the world, attacking and burning homes, shops and embassies and murdering scores of people? Is it not irrational to implement draconian Blasphemy Laws which are easily manipulated and falsely used to imprison and torture religious minorities? Is it not irrational to accuse innocent figures such as Raif Badawi (secular Saudi Arabian jailed for creating a liberal blog), of insulting Islam and sentencing them to 10 years and 1000 lashes? Is it not irrational to hunt down those who like Facebook pages, or attend and join organisations deemed contrary to Islamic beliefs? Is it not irrational to keep Aisai Bibi on death row for 5 years, denying her every chance for appeal and depriving her children of their mother? Is it not irrational to sexually groom young girls and women from Rotherham to Peshawar, raping and prostituting them, depraving them of a quality of life; preventing them from access to justice as the perpetrators manage to instill fear and lack of action into every level of authority? Is it not irrational to threaten to behead my own father, burn our home to the ground and rape the girls in my family due to our abandonment of Islam?
That is irrational and so much more. It is deeply inhumane. What point is Islamophobia trying to make? I fail to see it.
Islamophobia has lost its factual meaning and has long become dangerously misleading, dangerously deceptive. It is a pervasive instrument and agenda, designed to prevent reason, ownership and admission of guilt. It prevents imperfection and promotes perfection. The definition of Islamophobia is extremely fascist in itself. It discriminates against anybody holding genuine concerns about Islam, concerns that could substantially benefit the religion. Enough to lift it out of 7th Century Arabia and place it into the 21st.
Advocates of Islamophobia have succeeded in going too far. To the point where this culmination of fear of being labelled an Islamophobe has much of the social and political medium using carefully constructed language, depictions and rhetoric to ensure they never offend Islam -thus distorting the truth.
Islamophobia is fast becoming invalid and irrelavant. Criticising aspects of Qur’anically-endorsed Islam in order to release prisoners held in Islamic regimes or to stop the sexualisation of young female lives is not hateful at all but humane. It is the right thing to do. Any other religion and such crimes would be publically condemned with no abating. Islamophobia safeguards Islam from exposing its perils to the world. It protects Islam from its actions. It sees our leaders running to Mosques and Islamic leaders for forgiveness and appeasement, whenever there is an indication that an offence was committed in the name of Allah and Muhammad.
Islamophia was never a valid claim, or definition since such crimes are ordained by its very scriptures, but disallowing anybody non-Muslim to point this blatant truth out gets them labelled as such. In all honesty, those who coined the term Islamophobia have nothing to fear but Islam itself, which falsifies the very definition. All in all, Islamophobia is no longer of relevance I say.
Now all I need to do is sit back and wait for accusations of Islamophobia to come my way. It’s that easy.

2 thoughts on “The Islamophobia Phenomenon is an Invalidated Irrelavancy

  1. Jibur Ishman Reply

    Fully agree with you, these are some of my thoughts on this nonsensical neologism.
    The term “Islamophobia” is as preposterous as contriving the terms ‘fascistophobia’ or ‘fluophobia’. There is rational and reasonable grounds to be perturbed by in how Islamic scriptures can and are destructively put into real life action by those who have ascendancy and follow the fundamentals of Islam. Is a person irrational and “Islamaphobic” when they point out how a homosexual or an apostate in one of the many Muslim majority countries will face the death penalty or imprisonment if they are discovered to be an homosexual or an apostate, where the establishment warrant these punishments on an Islamic basis?
    It is even more rational to have apprehensions about Islam when you peruse the Quran and read the copious amount of verses which have rampant instructions to kill / smite / slay / strike / subjugate the non-believers. Moderates will contextualise/historicise violent parts of the Quran in Western societies as a mental exercise in propitiation despite no part of the Quran saying any of it is within a context or only for a particular historical period. The likes of ISIS and many others do not however perform this cognitive buffet so some level of trepidation is fully justified as the correct response to the present and impending danger or Islamic doctrines. Followers of the fundamentals of Islam don’t just believe these are fictitious scriptures in the Shakespearean sense that should have no practical application. They are seen by those staunchly dutiful to the fundamentals of Islam as being pertinent to contemporary life in the 21st Century.
    The crucial distinction that should be made is that awareness and a response to the menacing aspects of Islam as an ideology should not be commingled with Muslims as people, who should not face bigotry on the basis of their Muslim identity. “Islam” and “Muslims” are not synonymous terms. Muslims are very diverse and pluralistic and the only common trait every person who give themselves the “Muslim” label has is that they breathe oxygen. They are many Muslims who just like Jews and Christian give themselves that identity label but think the supernatural claims are complete twaddle(albeit more Muslims don’t disclose their non-belief in supernatural claims as openly), but will celebrate Eid with family and friends, just like cultural non-believing Christians celebrate Christmas. These nominal Muslims, many who don’t practise Islamic rituals at all and don’t spread odious rhetoric towards non-Muslims should be distinguished from the fundamental followers of Islam and not clustered as one entity.
    The hatred towards Muslims is opportunely used by fundamental followers of Islam who then profusely and incessantly scream “Islamaphobia” in their attempts to detract attention away from well-substantiated criticisms of Islam as an ideology. It serves to duplicitously portray the opprobrium Islamofascists ideological views recieve as demonisation of all Muslims. It desires to quieten the ideological criticism of Islam that effect the aspirations of Islamofascists who do not wish to be hindered in expressing their loathing of those who do not subscribe to their views and for their actions to be combated.
    To sum it up for Islamophobia to be a term which makes sense linguistically it would require the user of the term to show how not a single version or interpretation of Islam presently or historically has presented any danger to anyone or presents any danger to anyone at this instant in time. You would have to think the wrath faced by non-believers, homosexuals, women and apostates with Islamic scriptural validations since Islam’s inception has all been one complete fabrication. This of course is intellectually impossible to do and would require the user to engage in an unparalleled level of denialism.

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