Anjem Choudary: Britain's Internal Western Antithesis

After another week of hearing about the usual antics of Anjem Choudhary, enough of Britain’s law-abiding and morally upstanding citizens are sick to the back teeth of this Puritanical Islamic public figure. Back-tracking through Choudary’s well-documented past, it becomes increasingly impossible to justify why such a detrimental man, in fierce opposition to the very existence of the country he resides in, is entitled to the freedom he currently enjoys. Time and again. It becomes increasingly harder to accept the carefully constructed language that envelopes him. The level of sensitivity concerning this hate preacher and influential figure is beyond frustrating and incomprehensible.
Throughout the years Anjem Choudary has been repeatedly arrested on the suspicion of encouraging terrorism but always been released, ‘pending further inquiry’. This constant lack of action against Choudary, in order to safeguard British values, innocent citizens and to tackle Puritanical Islam directly is what will decimate this nation eventually. And sooner rather than later. One only has to pay attention to the anti-Western rhetoric spewing from this man’s mouth- in person, in interviews, on the internet and during his sermons and demonstrations to realise he is responsible for something more serious than simply ‘encouraging terrorism’. There are countless instances and plenty opportunities missed by UK authorities to prevent him spreading his pernicious ideology. I go by the assumption that our government is unaware of Choudary’s destructive nature and intentions, thus have included a few examples to provide the rationale behind detaining Anjem for purporting and enforcing his ideology above the law of the land.

Choudary has been instrumental in setting up Islamic organisations, such as Al-Muhajiroun and Al- Ghurabaa which are overtly anti-Western and wish to abide by Shari’a Law. Such organisations publish articles on their website, including one entitled ‘Kill those who insult the Prophet Muhammad’. This article stated: ‘the insulting of the Messenger Muhammad is something the Muslims can not and will not tolerate and the punishment in Islam for the one who does is death. This is the sunnah of the Prophet and the verdict of Islam upon such people, one that any Muslim is able to execute’.
In response to the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, February 3 saw both groups march in protest from London Central Mosque to the Danish Embassy, holding placards reading: ‘Butcher those who mock Islam’, ‘Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way’ , ‘Europe you’re 7/7 is on its way’, ‘Europe you will pay, Bin Laden is on his way’ and ‘Europe you’ll come crawling when the Muhajideen come roaring’. Choudary’s now banned organisation Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah called for Jihad frequently and recordings of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Omar Bakri Muhammad were posted regularly.
He is a man who congratulated the 9/11 perpetrators as ‘magnificent martrys’, a man who refuses to condemn Lee Rigby’s murder nor the actions of Islamic State. Instead Choudary indirectly inspired Adebolja, one of Rigby’s killers and who attended and adhered to Choudary’s Islamic preaching.
Choudary in 2001 stated that he pledges allegiance to Islam not his country and that ‘for true Muslims, a British passport is no more than a travel document’. He does not shy away from pushing for Shari’a to be implemented in the UK, so much so that he claims the ‘flag of Shari’a’ will be flying over Downing Street by 2020. In an interview with Iran’s Press TV he stated: ‘As Muslims we reject democracy, we reject secularism and freedom and human rights. We reject all of the things that you espouse as being ideals. There is nothing called a republic in Islam.’
Fundamentally Anjem Choudary has been given a platform to inspire and orchestrate, indirectly and directly the demise of the West and its non-Muslims. He actively supports any Islamic figure and organisation working to spread Puritanical Islam as he believes in the primacy of Islam before all other faiths. The British government continue to facilitate a man who has open access to the streets and social media, in order to permeate and brainwash countless Muslims into accepting this barbaric ideology. A man that should have been arrested and detained years ago, has instead had many years to use his ‘travel document’ , opening and influencing Madrassas abroad and enabling the beheading of a soldier on a Woolwich street last year.

Enough has to be enough at some point. Anjem Choudary’s teachings do not need to travel far to impact thousands of people. His presence goes far beyond ‘encouraging terrorism’. He is synonymous with it to the point that the ideology he advocates so publically caused a mother to be robbed of a son in cold blood. Choudary has no intention of stopping nor slowing down and will continue to do so until he is dealt with according to the law. Let’s just hope it’s never Shari’a.

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