The West is East?

I, for one will not be surprised if the terms ‘Londistan’ and ‘Eurabia’ become concrete definitions in the Oxford dictionary sooner rather than later. The West has long been a regular importer of the Islamic package, to the point where its contents of intolerance, non-integration and creeping sharia have had decades to spread throughout the UK at an irrevocable rate.

Perhaps the mass proliferation of Muslims found in the UK and wider Europe wouldn’t be so concerning if enough of them deemed the British way of life something they could accept and respect; values under which to practice their beliefs. However, it is not Islam that has acclimatized to such British values, but those values which have cultivated the perfect environment in which Islam actively thrives, to the extent where certain areas of the UK, particularly the North will be unrecognizable in belonging to Britain even as little as in a decade.

30 years ago the term ‘Halal’ would have been virtually unknown to the masses, known except mainly to those non-Muslims well versed in animal welfare and the Islamic method of animal slaughter. A 30 minute walk-about in most British cities now clearly displays the Halal-certified sticker in shops, restaurants and supermarket-packaged food. Such is the expectation for all foods to be clarified as Halal/Non-Halal that should a Muslim eat what he perceived as halal, a criminal act has been performed against him – thus finding the matter in the courts and news headlines. I have personally witnessed this and one only has to search Google for further cases of this ‘criminality’.

Believers of Multiculturalism wouldn’t deem this worrying or an issue out of the ordinary. Surely the UK holds an obligation to its Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims to cater for their cultural and religious requirements? The UK is home to around 260,000 Jews. I have never seen a Kosher label in specific reverence to the dietary needs of a practising Jew in all my life. Head to the nearest Subway or McDonald counter to clarify the Halal status of its meat and smiles of assurance with the confidence of the answer would meet you. Asking whether the meat you ordered is Kosher would produce puzzled expressions and utter surprise, unless in an area home to a large or concentrated Jew population. So much for Multiculturalism.

Yet the Halal Question is not the only example of political maneuvering in line with Islamic beliefs. Increasingly so, we see example of Muslims refusing to abide by the clothing required of them. A few years ago, a policeman refused his uniform due to the presence of a cross on it. Similarly, the European Court of Human Rights have taken on cases of Muslim schoolgirls rejecting the mandatory uniform in favour of a more Islamic code of dress. The same sensitivity and regard was not afforded to the Christian couple who denied a gay couple the right to stay in their Bed and Breakfast on the basis of their faith. Instead, we see a political and legal opposition of Christians, sacked for the outward display of Christianity in the workplace, whether through the Bibles they carry, the crosses on their wrists and around their necks or the sharing of their beliefs to co-workers. After all they wouldn’t want non-Christians offended nor would they wish to appear insensitive to the range of faiths found in our ‘multicultural society’.

In creating a context where the original beliefs of Great Britain are easily susceptible to discrimination and dismissal, whilst treading tentatively around Islam and essentially appeasing it, the essence of British values are diminishing at an alarming rate. The stripping away of what made Britain known and respected around the world, has rendered the United Kingdom as it was once known, no longer recongnisable. Instead it is being replaced with a rising and creeping dominant Puritanical Islam, not just permeating in and around Londistan but extending into Eurobia.

Looking for the East does not require jumping on a plane then in order to explore that way of life, but closer to home than many would think. Scrutinising our changing legal, political and social climate would have us see that in fact West met East a long time ago. It solely remains a question of when West will become East, as the force of Islam remains unchallenged in a continent that doesn’t regulate its importing of it.


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