16/12/14: Peshawar Bleeds

Even though it’s Pakistan we’re talking about I still can’t believe the events of December 16, a life changing act of shameful brutality that stole the lives of 141 people, 132 of which were children. What occurred on December 16 at an army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan is unforgivable. Vengeance may be the Lord’s but a mass hunt for the Taliban and all groups in tune with its thinking and the extraction and spilling of their blood is completely justified.

Along with every decent, humane being out there, December 16 rendered me in pieces, refusing to believe that such a massacre of 132 children could ever take place even in Pakistan – a country already bleeding from its daily sectarian violence, its beating and torture of one another; its domestic violence.
And now this.

The outpour of blood from Peshawar’s children, Pakistan’s children, the youngest of which was a 2 year old babe. Peshawar bleeds.

How do you even begin to tap into the mentality of inhumanity? How can you even attempt to see from their perspective? Do they honestly count this as a victory, this vengeful attack on Pakistan as its army continually battles to purge this parasite of the Taliban from our land. Have they no shame, no mercy, no compassion, no heart?

The Taliban abide by principles of cowardice and an ideology of hate. If their past performance isn’t evidential enough to validate this factual statement then let December 16 forever ring as a reminder. Men don’t hide out in compounds, ducking and diving from those seeking to bring them to justice, nor do they refuse to stand before their enemies in conventional combat. Men don’t participate in guerrilla warfare, training and equipping controlled humans; dispatched to schools, hospitals and public places in order to be blasted into smithereens –whilst permanently desecrating the lives of countless people as their loved ones are caught up in the blast. Men invalidated by the female school Principal who died protecting the lives of her pupils.

Take a look at these cowards. Cowards who stormed into a school brimmed with Pakistan’s youngsters and embarked on a ruthless shooting rampage, sparing no one they knew about. Consider these evil ‘men’ who clearly deliberated to wipe out beautiful, innocent dreamers, with aspirations of becoming teachers, doctors, lawyers and future politicians to a nation uneducated, sick, discriminated against and politically illiterate. Those dreams have turned into ambitions of obliterating the Taliban, in honour of those brothers, sisters and schoolmates they witnessed lifeless that day; a memory that otherwise should have no place in school forever burning in their hearts and minds. Take a look at these callous, pathetic animals – primal to the core, who if they had any ounce of dignity and rationality would realise they father children themselves.
December 16 makes no sense. Nor will it ever. I don’t have a child, I can’t imagine the pain and agony those mothers and fathers along with every parent globally must be experiencing. Pakistan has taken its daily strife, warfare, and unjust way of life to a new, unprecedented level.

Peshawar bleeds. And now we know for sure that nowhere is safe if we cannot protect those who need it the most, in a city infamous for its army-provided security. The rest of Pakistan is continually hounded, as is Afghanistan, India and the wider region. World governments must heighten its security, as the ideology of the Taliban is believed in, from the United Kingdom to Australia. Being at opposite ends of the globe is an irrelevant factor.

No mercy should be shown to these child-killers, the most subliminal of everything that walks and talks. December 16 saw the Taliban rob the world of 132 children. The world has lost the sight of 132 twinkling smiles and tinkling of childish laughter, the thought of which caused me to continually break down these past few days and in writing this.

A testament to the fact we are all bleeding.


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