The Vocal/Silent Question in the Face of World Politics

As a student of International Relations, it is despairing to know the level of disillusionment the global general public have reached regarding world politics. To a degree I empathise, who can blame you? The lies, deceit and corruption so prevalent within most governing bodies, the use of realism deployed in the decisions and actions of government – the self-interested condition which determines whether they interact and/or invade other nations. The resulting embroilment of war and turmoil, producing complicated and bloody wars, with unfeasible exit clauses and unnecessary, irreversible loss of life all a part of a murky, political move. The parroted promises of better, effective representation and improvement in the quality of life for the electorate; only to gain the re-election imperative and maintain status-quo – changing the socio-economic dynamic of countries by deepening the divide between rich and poor.

The list undoubtedly could spur on, the overall resentment the global general public holds against callous, underhand politicians is unanimous: a factor that unites us all. I wish to beseech all of us (myself included) to not lose ourselves wholly in this disillusionment towards politics as it paves way for a dangerous weapon: silence. The decline of participation in global politics, from ballot box voting and following of national/international news updates or debates to voicing our concerns against the actions of those we deem harmful to society via social media or direct lobbying/petitioning of government; creates an aura of ignorance and inaction towards the ongoings of the world. Yet at its most detrimental level, silence provides no inhibition or check-point to an ideology or issue we oppose. Even if no tangible action is taken by our governments, at the very least they can be aware of the differing opinions and forces within their countries, perhaps providing a future stumbling block to future policies and proposals in the context of consciousness to the vocality of their electorate.

Particularly in the West we owe it to ourselves to be a voice for the voiceless, in the name of those who are not given the right to exercise opinion, for the sake of those minorities intimidated through violence, by those more formidable, domineering and populous than them, thus acting as a deterrent to vote for fear of sparking reprisals from those who oppose them. In this current climate of intensified intolerance towards race and religion, we must be emboldened and encouraged to utilise our political freedom to defend our dying brothers and sisters – broken and bleeding for who they are and what they believe.

Change is never achieved through fear, idleness or indifference. Our vocality is valuable and our silence detrimental. Our complete or selective silence is a facilitator for dirty politics, from Downing Street and Washington to the so-called Parliaments of Afghanistan and beyond.

Those who are free to do should speak out, to pressurise our governments to consider their relations with the international world. So that instead of appeasing Wahhabi Islamic Saudi Arabia in order to attain abundant oil supplies, to demand the release of its imprisoned and tortured Raif Badawis and to curtail and halt the copious amounts of Saudi money pumped into banks, schools and Mosques from the UK to Pakistan – thus creating a further hard-line Islamic agenda which radicalises Muslims across the world. We should pursue and oppose relentlessly the combined billions of dollars of aid pumped into nations such as Pakistan from the West, unconditional money that does not ask the Pakistani government to abolish the manipulative, scheming Blasphemy Laws running rampant in its nation nor does it seek to address actively the issue of religious minority persecution and the daily oppression of women.

We must be vocal on the issue of immigration, questioning why our governments do not reach out and offer a place of sanctuary for the children and wider families of Asia Bibi and Meriam Ibrahim figures, why instead they are left to live as refuges and prisoners in their own countries; whilst harbouring and tolerating the likes of Anjem Choudary and other hate preachers. We must question the politics of our nations, which are lax towards those who refuse to abide and respect our norms and values and condemn the hatred and intolerance being bred against the very welfare state systems that accepted and enabled every immigrant in Britain to dwell there in the first place.

We must point out the hypocrisy of our governments and world citizens who for example are politically hostile towards the state of Israel in the name of Palestinian occupation yet do not afford the same level of recognition towards the Kurds and Kashmiris in their fight to establish a state for themselves. We must therefore explore the proliferation of anti-semitism in both the West and East where Israel is the symbol of Muslim oppression in the eyes of global politics yet the daily Muslim-Muslim violence enacted in the Kurdish/Kashmiri conflicts and across the wider Islamic world is hardly brought to light.

To be silent in the face of global politics, the very lifeblood of world governance creates the foundation for a selective political ideology. One that sidelines and ignores those not vocal yet one which must appease those who always are. I firmly believe the non -Muslim world will regret the silence that enables the butchering of our Christian and minority brethren to the verge of extinction. I firmly believe it is the Muslim world that are becoming increasingly vocal. How many world governing bodies rallied towards their cries of protest in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo? How could governments remain inactive when their Muslim populations ensured their cause was uplifted worldwide?

Let us not get entangled in political disillusionment only to bury ourselves in shame in the future. For our vocality is mandatory to instruct tolerance and offshore undesirable ideologies from our nations. At its most fundamental level, vocality could well be the key to a being’s survival.


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