Persecution on the Rise: Bradford 2014-2015

Hi all,
This will only be a quick post, those who have read my previous post will know that I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I’ve intended to; given that this year of 2014-2015 has marked a significant turn for deeper and perverse persecution towards my family.
The following links enclosed below is a brief description of a few incidents regarding our local Muslim neighbours and my family yet a full account of what life has been like every day this past year is yet to follow. At this moment in time I cannot post the full testimony as there are investigations ongoing (according to the Police) but am intending to release this lengthy blog within the next few weeks.
In the meantime, please find below 2 newspaper articles written about my family in the past month by the Barnabas Fund, a fantastic Christian organisation that works solely for the Persecuted Church and whose expertise lies in the plight of converts to Christianity and apostasy around the globe.
Continue to bear us in prayer,
God Bless.

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