Have you left Islam & suffered the consequences in Britain?

The British Pakistani Christian Association are making a public appeal for any ex-Muslims within Britain who have/are suffering persecution for abandoning the Islamic faith, for a study. The study also extends to those who have fled to the UK on religiously persecuted grounds, only to undergo re-persecution for his/her ex-Muslim status.
If this is applicable to your situation, click the following link for further details:
Additionally the BPCA have released an online survey, which examines the experience of the ex-Muslim, whether you are convert to another faith, or atheism/agnosticism. The survey can be found below and will significantly help us in our work to highlight this topical issue in the UK.
Anyone wishing to participate in the study should leave their contact in the relevant section of the survey, or alternatively contact the BPCA (details of which are found on the above link) or my e-mail address.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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