Armed Police escort as Hussain family forced out of Bradford

I’ve been quite reticent recently concerning my family situation, yet as news emerges daily of Christian persecution, murder and coercion from their homes and countries; drawing parallels between anti-Christian treatment in Muslim hubs across England and Muslim countries is very apt.
In spite of the immediacy need to leave our home in Bradford, directly after Dad’s attack on 17 November 2015, this wasn’t possible on account of the fact my sister needed to finalise her A-Levels.
It wasn’t until October 2016 that armed guards swarmed our home randomly on a quiet autumry afternoon. It was surreal – men armed with guns, conversing into their hand-held devices as they descended upon the front and back of our property. Once my Dad’s identity was verified, they began to debrief my parents to confirm their belief that they’d received credible death threats to our lives and emphatically stated we would have to move as they couldn’t guarantee our safety.
October 2016 went by in a flurry as we packed up as many of our belongings we could, whilst police protection stood to the front and back entrances to the property every time we loaded up a removal van to transfer our belongings. Should the known and unknown perpetrators realise our plans to move, the higher the likelihood of being attacked and given the attempt on my father’s life last year , nobody – not even the police were taking any chances.
Our final trip back to Bradford in November 2016 was caught on camera via ITV news. Although I am unaware how they came to be there, it was hardly suprising given the media interest in the documented persecution of my family since my childhood.
We have been living out of Bradford for the past 6 months now and remain unable to return to Bradford without the aid of armed police protection.