Is Islamic terrorism really Islamic?

I always prefer Arab ex-Muslims when scouring for deeper study regarding the Islamic Question. An Arabian, ex-Muslim convert Christian is a serendipitous find. I recently came across Hazem Farraj, a Palestinian convert from Islam – who found Christ as he attempted to convert his Christian tenants in their shared East Jerusalem appartment, to Islam. God truly has a sense of humour!

I am not an ex-Muslim myself, so have an insatiable appetite for an ex-Muslim’s perspective and testimony in order to understand the underlying mentality of the Muslim and to learn of the fierce attachment and zeal of the Islamic faith. I am a strong believer in the fact that as the number of terror attacks globally increase, the average Muslim has two options: to receive a revelation to the depravity of Islam and turn away from it, or become lured by jihadism and a literal interpretation of Muhammadism.

In this polarisation and struggle across the Islamic world and Islamic communities in the West, it is becoming harder to avoid questioning and probing into the doctrine providing the premise of such Islamic behaviour in the world. Those emboldened to speak of Islam as an ideology of intolerance towards non-Muslim people and civilisation, through violent means are dismissed as exhibitors of fascism.

Ex-Muslims therefore are in a unique, priviledged position when publishing their testimonies upon leaving Islam. Ex-Muslims are vital in a world where state leaders and mainstream media censor any direct correlation between bloodshed and Islamic theology, in order to obfuscate the clear message of Islam towards the infidel.

Ex-Muslims risk their lives, risk being disowned by their loved ones (if they haven’t been cut off already) to warn us of the harmful agenda the literalists – who follow the example of Muhammad explicitly – are hell bent on enacting across the globe.

Although I encourage you all to do your own research, Hazem Farraj provides a series of lucid, historical videos concerning the origins of Islam; drawing parallels between the violent conquests that notoriously placed Islam on the world map in the first place – and that very ongoing, current pursuit today.

Fundamentally, the era of the Islamic Caliphate is repeating itself.

While Europe in particular sleeps.







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