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Hey Readers of InfidelsAreUs!

I am aware the name of this blog would be deemed controversial, if you are one of those among us who like to be politically correct.

I do not.

I am a British Pakistani and daughter to 2 former Muslims, who converted to Christianity when I was 2 years old. According to certain Islamic texts, including the Caliphate, apostasy is punishable by death and the Infidel status particularly awarded to Jews & Christians by Militant Islam is what provided the very inspiration for the name of this blog.

We are a family that have experienced bitter persecution for abandoning Islam and turning to Christianity, with daily abuse and acts of contempt demonstrated against our family with impunity. This has been my Siblings’ and my normality and will continue to remain so for those 3,000 Christian converts in the UK alone, so long as police fear and intimidation and political appeasement towards literal Islam continues.

Our own experience in the UK motivated me to educate myself of the plight of the Persecuted Church worldwide, especially in Muslim nations and their situation is heartbreaking. 80% of all religious persecution is directed at Christians and the lack of global condemnation and action only worsens the problem. The silence of World leaders and indeed Western Churches is literally deadly.

I decided to set up ”InfidelsAreUs” not only to create awareness of the discrimination minority Christian sects face in Islamic countries but to draw attention to what is happening in our very own Western countries. The fact that I have been born and raised in the UK my entire life and see no difference between certain areas in Bradford, Luton, Birmingham, London and Pakistan should act as a wake-up call. The Islamification of the West is a daily occurrence, a militant force eroding Western values and instead replacing them with Sharia law and the like.

This blog always runs the risk of being caught in between a rock and a hard place: juggling between  left-wing accusations of Islamophobia and Muslim calls of being an Infidel. I don’t believe in the validity of the first term and I am certainly proud of the latter. I know my experiences, I’ve seen life-and-death situations my own father has been put through in order to maintain survival. I  will always fight in defence for the mostly  Christian principles the West was founded upon and this struggle must be constant when facing Puritanical Islam.

This blog by no means is a forum to hate upon or vengefully attack Muslims per se, as not everybody can be tarnished with the same brush. However, the West needs to be warned and alert to this growing force.

At least I can say I’m doing my part.

11 thoughts on “About Anniesa

  1. Hi Anniesa
    I came across the post on the face book even it is old post it grab my attention and I was so shocked to see this happend in great Britain. I hope your father and family are doing fine tried finding your father on Facebook and tried texting him but couldn’t find him on Facebook after some extensive research I found your blog. I am from India and will be praying for your father and all family. GOD Bless….


    1. Hi Uzwal, thank-you for taking the time to read my blog firstly. You won’t be able to find my Father on facebook because he doesn’t have an account. Thank-you also for your prayers, every Blessing to you and your loved ones also.


  2. I just read through what your family had to endure, and it makes my blood boil… I literally have retrain myself going to see that pig of a niegbour of yours. I have seen him twice while I stayed at your place and even then I wanted to say something to him, but didn’t want to make matters worse for your dad…… It’s easier said than done, but we need to remind ourselves of what Jesus said, when he says blessed are those who are persecuted in my name, for they shall see the Kingdom of Heaven


    1. Hi Fyaz,

      Yes I do remember you, thank-you for taking the time to read my blog posts! I’m not sure about writing a book, you’d have to tell himself but it’s something that can only become a reality if the Spirit moves him enough to write one. You are right to quote Matthew’s beatitudes, I see our tribulations as a privilege that one day will be worth it all. Continue to walk in Him and be blessed! God Bless .


      1. Hi I am leading a small Church group in Bradford and I have raised Churches in India Pakistan and Nepal. We still have many India though I’ve not ministered in Pakistan or Nepal in quite some time. I am ready to stand with you and your family in every possible way. I am very much conversant with persecution and can tell you many things I endured whilst preaching to muslims Sikhs and Hindus. I believe that a change can be made even in the midst of such challenging circumstances!

        I’m already praying for you and your family and it had been my prayer that God would put me in touch with you. I can and I will help.

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    2. Hi Anniesa
      I am sorry for the extreme stress of being harassed and attacked by those who are blinded by Satan to do his will, those who think they are doing their god’s will. I brought your situation to our prayer group after reading the recent attack on your Dad. I am glad you are writing this blog and may you and your family all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Surely he will strengthen you all in Him as you trust Him. I pray for your Dad’s healing from the attack, knowing that our LORD is the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians). Also that He will bring something good in the midst of your huge challenges. It is sad and annoying that you have not received adequate support from the church in your area… We should not be ashamed of the gospel nor fear man. We all need to awaken to righteousness.
      A sister in Christ.

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  3. Hi it’s Fyaz,

    I came to stay at your house remember… Your dad told me about your blog, it’s very powerful and well written. I suggested to your dad that he gets a book published as I am doing…. Please sit down with him and get your story published. I can get you a ghost writer to help….. It’s time we fought back through all means at our disposal…


  4. I have just read the article on dailymail regarding the abuse your family suffered due to your religion and ethnic background clash and can definitely say that I am shocked by this. There are a few Pakistani Christians in Pakistan where my mothers side of family are from and they do not suffer abuse from neighbouring Muslim Pakistani’s, and we even have a close friend/house helper who is Christian. Islam is about love for everyone so the majority of us don’t condone such behaviour. Even though I disagree with your fathers choice to convert which seems to have caused your family to revert to Christianity, I think that we should respect all people regardless of their religion. I am also in shock on how you expressed you had trouble making friends with other Pakistani Muslims because in Manchester where I am from, the groups of friends in college or high school are quite diverse. I wanted to go on to ask, what exactly made your father convert to Christianity? Also, was your mother reluctant to convert and do any of you siblings’ follow Islam now or considered/researched Islam?


    1. Hi Salman! Thanks for getting in touch with me, feel free to browse through this blog platform, particularly looking at my very first post ‘An Abnormal Normality?’ You know, I can’t quite figure it out myself. I’m currently undertaking my masters year but left the UK for the first time, for Malaysia to study there for one year. I can honestly say I never had any issues, people did find out and there were respectful debates and differing views exchanged. Yet never once did things escalate into violence and I was safer in that Muslim country that I am here in the UK. My father initially converted to Islam as a 15 yr old but concealed it due to family pressure. He later established his faith in 1996 after a traumatic experience when his younger brother died and found truth and comfort in Jesus. He was never a practising Muslim anyway, his own father was not a religious Muslim. My mother gave her life to Jesus after attending Church a few times and it came as a shock to my Dad, as prior to becoming a Christian herself, she refused to accept my Dad’s belief. She didn’t know about it before marrying him. As for my siblings and I, we have never grown up religious nor taught to be. I personally found God and established a relationship with Jesus through this persecution and hatred of us as an ex-Muslim family and so we’re all very grounded in our faith.


  5. Hi Peter, sincere thanks for your interest in this blog, an amateur platform in which I attempt to create awareness of Christian persecution in between my university workload. You are absolutely right and should you ever return to the UK you would find parts of it unrecognisable, particularly in the North. The UK has since become religiously indifferent, thereby creating a vacuum in which Puritanical Islam has crept in. Sadly the Churches, government and local authorities are not speaking up against this Islamic invasion nor are they defending their persecuted brethren so this tide of intolerant Islam will only continue to fester and increase. The country is in need of much prayer. Thank-you for yours.


  6. Hello Anniesa. I came across your blog after reading of the suffering of your family in Barnabas Fund’s newsletter.
    I live in Australia, but 40 years ago spent 3 years working in the east of England during which time I met a Christian and came to know Christ.
    It grieves me greatly to see how Britain has changed in that time, for the most part abandoning its rich and long Christian heritage.
    I also am greatly concerned of the persecution of Christians on an unprecedented scale, not just in Muslim countries, but also now in western countries.
    But we must not be discouraged and ultimately our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual entities. When Christians suffer, so too does Jesus.
    We must persevere in making known the suffering of Christians around this world, for sadly it seems many churches are either deaf, blind or indifferent.
    So I want to thank you for blog and your efforts in making known the suffering Body of Christ.
    May God give you His strength and wisdom.
    My prayers are with you.


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