Next stop: London Bound….

Dear Readers,
I may not post for some time and for that I apologise and ask you to bear with! My family are taking an unplanned  stay in  London,to escape our neighbourhood teeming of hate and hostility and are currently situated in a beautiful, safe area for the next week or so. Praise God!
If you’ve been following this blog from the very beginning you will know that my family have been subjected to religious persecution, which resulted in us being forced out of our last home of over 10 years and moving to a different area in Bradford in 2006. Although ideally we would have preferred not to move into a predominantly Pakistani Muslim area, financial constraints left us with no choice and we settled for a location near to my siblings’ schools and my dad’s workplace.
In 2008, a documentary-making company by the name of Dispatches were looking for case-studies, in order to highlight the plight of ex-Muslims and their families. Although my family were weary and not yet healed from a lifetime of persecution and violence, we decided to partake in this programme; as we strongly felt we needed to speak out – not only on behalf of ourselves – but also in the defence of the 3,000 Christian converts found in the UK. This documentary goes by the name of ‘Unholy War’.
Following the airing of the documentary, our situation began to spiral downwards yet again and those Muslim neighbours who once welcomed us with open arms and allowed their children to play and befriend my siblings, began to display hostile behaviour. The Arabic greeting of ‘As-salamu alaykum’ became a tight-lipped ‘morning’ before all forms of contact ground to a complete halt. This bitter attitude towards my family is nothing new, especially at this stage of our walk with Christ and since our persons and property were not being attacked nor assaulted, this outward show of repulsion was in actual fact, quite tolerable.
However, these last few years have witnessed a further degrading of our lives. One particular Muslim family who have made it no secret that they are contemptuous of our family, have taken it upon themselves to denigrate our family name to the surrounding neighbours, even having an adverse effect on those neighbours not Muslim! This has forced my father to remove my youngest sister from her Church of England school, as this particular neighbour (whose daughter attended the same school) infiltrated the minds of many Pakistani Muslim parents. This was passed down to their children, resulting in the bullying and isolation of my sister and a violent escapade, which saw her tooth being knocked out!
Again, we are living in a situation where we are outnumbered: Bradford West has a high concentration of Pakistani Muslims and although not all are out to get us, enough of them are and in the recent weeks my father has had his car windscreen smashed twice, and the police were called to the scene, in response to a hateful neighbour inciting many people to come out onto the streets to ‘kill those pigs’.
This anti-Christian warpath has escalated to the point where there has been numerous altercations these past two weeks alone, threats have been made to end my father’s life, my life, my sisters’ and my mother’s. Degrading and inhuman comments such as ‘I’m gonna get your girls fucked by the Pakis!’ and numerous other aggressive and heinous comments have been on the lips of our neighbours in the prior weeks to the point where my family has been forced to escape our home, broken car windscreen and all -(nothing that plastic carrier bags and cellotape can’t mend for now!)-in order to recover and regain much lost sanity.
I ask for your understanding and prayers at this very difficult and unsettling time. Readers of my previous blogs will know that I have known no other kind of life but this but that does not make this downright inconceivable behaviour acceptable. We are but mere humans and from time to time our strength fails us, but I know that God is my strength and in Him I take refuge and hope.
You will hear from me in a little while. In the meantime I intend to go on….